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Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in The Learning Choice Academy. If you'd like to speak to a staff member to request more information, please call 844GoToTLC (844-468-6852)-

We are a K-12 charter homeschool serving families in San Diego County.  We specialize in providing a personalized education for every student. 

What makes TLC unique:

  • Caring Credentialed Educational Partners.
  • Variety of curriculum and supplemental materials.
  • High quality on-site classes.
  • Engaging field trips and special events.

How to enroll at The Learning Choice Academy:

  1. Sign up to attend an orientation.
  2. Attend an orientation on your scheduled date to see the school, learn more about our program and get your questions answered.
  3. Bring copies of required paperwork to enroll (see attached checklist).
  4. Submit an application for enrollment.
  5. An Educational Partner will contact you to set-up an appointment and order curriculum.