Elementary (K-5)

Prog Choice copy


A program for students who wish to homeschool five days a week. This offers the most flexibility with the option to customize your curriculum and use extended units for additional classes. Parents are in control of their child's education as they teach all the subjects and complete all the grading. Families meet with a TLC credentialed educational partner (EP) every learning period. The EP provides support for all your educational needs and is a great resource for your family. In addition, Choice families have the opportunity to attend all TLC field trips and special events providing additional socialization opportunities and a connection to other homeschool families.


Program Full DayFull Day

A one day enrichment program for students who wish to attend a twelve week session in the fall and spring. This highly regarded program offers a series of adventures taught by leading enrichment partners in the community.  Providers change each semester so the content is always new and exciting for students allowing them to master new skills and gain new interests. 

The students are in small, grade-level groups (K-2 or 3-5) and have the option to take a portion of the program (a la carte) or the entire full day. This optional program requires extended units, but is an exceptional value and extremely convenient. This is another socialization opportunity for students to connect with other TLC students from their area. 

Previous sessions have included:

  • ceramics, stomp, oceanography, cooking, animal science, world music, keyboarding, movie-making, photography, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, ballroom dancing, woodworking, circus arts, cartooning, eco-science, Legos, engineering, cup-stacking, NASA & space, Sign Language, 3-D art, drumming, musical theatre, dinosuars, inventions/toy-making.


NEW  Spring 2016 Session (registration now closed for this session)




Prog AIMAIM (Achieve, Inspire, Motivate)

This program is hands-on, theme and project-based with student driven projects required 3 times per year. There is a focus on Math, Language Arts, and Science.  Student, Parent, and Teacher (educational partner or E.P.) meet every 6th week for a Student Centered Conference (SCC). 


Prog AIM2Early Admission Kindergarten (EAK)

Each Spring, students who turn 5 by April 1 may enroll in our Early Admission Kindergarten. EAK students receive all the benefits of traditional students including instructional and supplemental materials, extended units, enrichment program options, field trips/events and more. This is a great opportunity to try homeschooling and get started early with academic skills and socialization. EAK students must still complete a full year of Kindergarten.