Physical Education

The Learning Choice Academy partners with EMH Sports to offer free, physical education classes for our K-12 grade students. Classes are organized at parks in the area, meet weekly for a period of a month and feature a specific sport. Please review the process below to sign-up for classes.
Here is how you enroll:
1   Complete the Annual Physical Education form for every student that will be enrolling and have your EP sign it.
2   Register online at EMH Sports for your classes. Each session requires a new registration. Create a user, submit    
     student profiles for each student, and receive a confirmation e-mail.
3  If you wish to make a change (add or drop) from your original agreement through TLC, please email    
     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Payment will not be made unless an Annual PE Agreement is on file. Although these PE classes are optional, once a student signs up for the class, weekly attendance is mandatory. Students must make any changes before a class session begins. If a student misses more then two classes in a month parent will be responsible for payment.